Monday, December 27, 2010

Weird pregnancy symptom #837

So...I have a pretty big imagination and I have the ability to be creative and I love movies, fiction novels, etc--but I have NEVER experienced anything more bizarre and imaginative than my pregnancy dreams!  Every night, almost without fail, I have vivid dreams of total randomness and obscure storylines.  I never remember the beginning of them, but the endings are so crazy and ridiculous that I am frozen to my bed when I wake up.  It's even worse when I'm woken up by my alarm because then I feel like I've been hit with a 10-ton truck and it's practically impossible to get out of bed!  I've read up on some websites about pregnancy dreams and their "interpretations" and I don't know how much of it I believe (this coming from a woman with a degree in Psychology) although I of course believe that my dreams are some kind of reflection on my subconscious...but let's not get carried away.

Sleep is something that I cannot seem to get enough of--for those stay at home soon to be moms, I totally envy you the access you have to naptime. By the time I get home from work I'm so sleepy that I want nothing more than to take a nap or lay down for a couple of hours, but if I did that I would never fall asleep at bedtime!  It's a horrible conundrum.  So the solution is to go to bed early (9ish?) but that doesn't always happen.  Is there no rest for the weary?

Never thought I'd be jealous of my dog...but she's got it made.

And, Yes...I know she's a little chubby. :)

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