Thursday, June 30, 2011

So close....yet so far?

Only about 2 weeks to go until this baby is DUE!  I've definitely reached the end of my "comfort level."  She's stretched me to my limits and some days I'm convinced she thinks she's gonna make her great escape through my belly button by the way she pushes--or maybe there's an alien in there instead of my baby?!
The daily "twins" comments are grinding my gears and we've now reached the point where even the FedEx Delivery guy says, "You still haven't had that baby yet?!"  Hilarious--I've been given strict order to not have the baby this weekend, which I made no promises to keep!  My parents are taking a quick trip to WI to see my Gramma T and some family for the 4th and they won't be back til late Monday night.  Dad says he wanted to squeeze it in before the baby comes, but I warned him that he might miss it altogether.  Maybe Grace will come on Monday and be a 4th of July baby :)  Then it will be like my parents were just "late" to the party instead of missing it completely. HA, we'll see what happens!

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and everything still looks great--Dr. Wolf agreed that he thinks this baby will be "bigger than average" but he didn't think more than 8.5lbs by full-term...I secretly think he didn't want to freak me out by saying 9lbs + but it's too late Doc--I've already thought it!  I think she'll definitely be tall/long.  I really just can't wait for her to be here.  Waiting is almost as miserable as being this pregnant in the middle of summer!
The good news is, her head is definitely locked into my plevis, which means dispite all her pushing and shoving through my belly button, she does in fact know the right way if she'd only start moving that way...C'mon Grace--head towards the light!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Worn out

I can't get matter what I wear, how I sit, lay down, lounge, recline....nothing helps.  This baby is going to be born a toddler. 
Got a doctor's appointment today--gonna have him check me and see if by any chance I've made any progress *fingers crossed*  I'll be 37 weeks this Saturday, which is full term, and hopefully Grace will realize that and decide to make an early entrance.  I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and my first thought was, "Did I grow even more overnight?!"  She is WAY out front and I'm thinking maybe she's even dropped some (I can definitely feel the pressure!) and I commend allllllll you women out there who have had twins--gold medal.  Whew!

I'm totally worn out.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dreams again...

I regularly have the most bizarre dreams at night.  What's interesting is my sleep pattern now-a-days: I wake up almost exactly every hour and a half...roughly 90 minutes, give or take a couple.  What I find interesting about that is how I manage one whole REM cycle and then somehow magically wake up, no matter how deep I was sleeping.  My dreams will even be interrupted once that internal timer goes off and my eyes pop open and there I am, exhausted, but "awake."  I'm always able to go right back to sleeep and it seems like I immediately go right back to dreaming.  I'm also super tired every morning because I can't really lock in more than 2 consecutive hours of sleep, even with tylenol pm (which I only take when I have back pain at night). P.S. waking up every 1 1/2 hours with a Tylenol PM in your system makes for some very weird trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night because I can tell I'm SUPER groggy and "drugged" but just can't seem to stay asleep...I've stubbed pretty much all my toes and run into pretty much every wall/door on the way for a mid-night bathroom break. HA.

So last night, I had probably some of the most unnerving dreams I've ever had, but one in particular is that I dreamt about Gracie, but sometimes she wasn't there...I've never seen her face in my dreams, but last night, I was holding an empty blanket, knowing that it was Gracie, but she wasn't actually "physically" there in the  blanket--like I just can't come up with what she's gonna look like at all so she's always non-existent and yet, she's there.  Weird, no?  Chad told me the other day that he dreamt about her and when I asked him what she looked like, all he said was, "beautiful"....I guess I'm going to have to wait for her to actually arrive before I'll know what she looks like!

Monday, June 13, 2011

35 Weeks and getting uncomfortable

I really didn't think I would get this tired at this point--I technically still have 5 weeks until my due date, but I'm having such a hard time imagining keeping this up for 5 more weeks!  I am not trying to be a whiner or a wimp, but this baby is riding all out front and my back is starting to take the brunt of the burden.  Also, it only takes a little bit of walking around for me to feel the desparate need to sit down and catch my breath--Don't take me to Walmart--I'm a total mess.  I have definitely already sat down in the middle of an aisle when I feel like my heart is racing, just from walking to the back of the store!  Yikes.
2 more weeks and Grace will be full-term and then it will just be a matter of time for her arrival.  This Wednesday I have a Drs Appt and then the hubster and I are going to pre-register at the hospital and take a tour of the maternity ward.  I think once we've done that I'll really start to feel "prepared" for her to get here! 

Working all day (even though it's a low-impact environment) leaves me feeling tired when I get home and then I have the desire to attend to baby things, but hardly ever the energy--boy is that frustrating.  I did manage to vacuum, clean the bathroom, and organize some things last Saturday, but I haven't felt like doing it again since...

Yesterday was our 1 year anniversary (time flies!) and we had a FABULOUS day together.  Church, lunch out, movie, some shopping--great memories together, and the rest of our lives to go!

35 weeks, ready for church and to celebrate our one year anniversary :)  Look comes complete with no makeup-haha.
Chad likes having his picture taken too--he's enjoying a donut :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

34 weeks and counting

This Saturday I'll be 34 weeks pregnant and it's really starting to sink in that within the next 6 weeks(ish) I will be holding my little girl in my arms instead of feeling her move in my belly!  Ya know, 3 years ago I was single and happy with no immediate thoughts about marriage and babies and here I am, married one year (in about 10 days) and only 6 weeks from being a MOM!  Good grief, that's amazing.

Today, Grace is thumping against my belly and I already have this image in my mind of how babies like to rhythmically kick their feet when they nurse, and although I still can't picture her face, I can see her in my mind's eye just absentmindedly kicking/jabbing it.

I had a doctor's appt yesterday and everything still looks GREAT :)  I love it when I hear that.  Blood pressure good, heartbeat good, and somehow I lost 2 lbs since my last appt (2 weeks prior). Not complaining and neither did my doctor, but we'll see if I've evened out when I go back in 2 weeks...after that, I've finally made it to my "every week" appts.  Can't believe how time is flying (and yet, some days seem like they'll last forever and she'll never get here--how bizzare.)

I'm very excited about my first baby shower coming up this Sunday--Grace certainly has been blessed already with the abundance of items that have been given to her.  She's spoiled and she's not even here yet! :)