Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dreams again...

I regularly have the most bizarre dreams at night.  What's interesting is my sleep pattern now-a-days: I wake up almost exactly every hour and a half...roughly 90 minutes, give or take a couple.  What I find interesting about that is how I manage one whole REM cycle and then somehow magically wake up, no matter how deep I was sleeping.  My dreams will even be interrupted once that internal timer goes off and my eyes pop open and there I am, exhausted, but "awake."  I'm always able to go right back to sleeep and it seems like I immediately go right back to dreaming.  I'm also super tired every morning because I can't really lock in more than 2 consecutive hours of sleep, even with tylenol pm (which I only take when I have back pain at night). P.S. waking up every 1 1/2 hours with a Tylenol PM in your system makes for some very weird trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night because I can tell I'm SUPER groggy and "drugged" but just can't seem to stay asleep...I've stubbed pretty much all my toes and run into pretty much every wall/door on the way for a mid-night bathroom break. HA.

So last night, I had probably some of the most unnerving dreams I've ever had, but one in particular is that I dreamt about Gracie, but sometimes she wasn't there...I've never seen her face in my dreams, but last night, I was holding an empty blanket, knowing that it was Gracie, but she wasn't actually "physically" there in the  blanket--like I just can't come up with what she's gonna look like at all so she's always non-existent and yet, she's there.  Weird, no?  Chad told me the other day that he dreamt about her and when I asked him what she looked like, all he said was, "beautiful"....I guess I'm going to have to wait for her to actually arrive before I'll know what she looks like!


  1. i hear ya on the crazy dreams! they got worse AFTER evelyn was born for me because i would wake sam up thinking she was in the bed with us and we were smothering her, like rolling over her, or i had lost her in the sheets. i would say to him, "move over, you are smashing her." or " where is she? where is she?" even one night i remember waking up and pushing sam while telling him he was smashing her and he needed to move! NUTS!!! its a whole new ballgame!!!

  2. Good practice for waking up to nurse all night - heehee! :) You're just going to love being parents! Chris and I both think it's our favorite stage of live ever!