Monday, June 13, 2011

35 Weeks and getting uncomfortable

I really didn't think I would get this tired at this point--I technically still have 5 weeks until my due date, but I'm having such a hard time imagining keeping this up for 5 more weeks!  I am not trying to be a whiner or a wimp, but this baby is riding all out front and my back is starting to take the brunt of the burden.  Also, it only takes a little bit of walking around for me to feel the desparate need to sit down and catch my breath--Don't take me to Walmart--I'm a total mess.  I have definitely already sat down in the middle of an aisle when I feel like my heart is racing, just from walking to the back of the store!  Yikes.
2 more weeks and Grace will be full-term and then it will just be a matter of time for her arrival.  This Wednesday I have a Drs Appt and then the hubster and I are going to pre-register at the hospital and take a tour of the maternity ward.  I think once we've done that I'll really start to feel "prepared" for her to get here! 

Working all day (even though it's a low-impact environment) leaves me feeling tired when I get home and then I have the desire to attend to baby things, but hardly ever the energy--boy is that frustrating.  I did manage to vacuum, clean the bathroom, and organize some things last Saturday, but I haven't felt like doing it again since...

Yesterday was our 1 year anniversary (time flies!) and we had a FABULOUS day together.  Church, lunch out, movie, some shopping--great memories together, and the rest of our lives to go!

35 weeks, ready for church and to celebrate our one year anniversary :)  Look comes complete with no makeup-haha.
Chad likes having his picture taken too--he's enjoying a donut :)

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