Friday, September 11, 2009

A day of rememberance

I was going to start my blog off with a tribute to 9/11. I started in with poetic words conjuring up images of tragedy and honor, remembering the devastation that took place 8 years ago...
Everyone felt the shock of the Twin Towers fall. Everyone remembers exaclty where they were when they heard the news and then spent the rest of the day glued to the TV.
But everyone is talking about it--as well they should since it's a day in history that needs never be forgotten. But how many are talking about it because they really still feel the shockwaves, and how many are talking about it because they think they're supposed to? I guess it doesn't matter.
With my brother officially enlisted with the military, I am more aware of the consequences of that day. He's 20 years old (my little baby brother towering over me at 6'4'') and now I personally feel those waves. It brings a fresh perspective to my eyes--and some serious pride to my heart.
Thank you to all our military--you have my deepest respect and gratitude.

The weekend is upon us. Chad and I are going to a Shane and Shane Concert tonight and we are pumped about having some QT together. Life has been busy this fall.
Always make time for those you love :)

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