Friday, September 11, 2009

Bad Days Better

You have made my day even in stormy weather
I’m dancing in all the rain, cause you make bad days…

Great is the way
When you come to mind
I am smiling ear to ear
Sweet thoughts of you
I’m always in the mood
To twirl around with you
While it’s raining
Even if it’s a dream

Great is the way
That I am unafraid
When I see you
All my fear goes away

Bad days are coming
Rainy days are always around
But if I can see you
One glance upon you
The sun comes out

I’m dancing in all the rain cause you make bad days better

Shane and Shane were amazing--go see them live, wow.
They didn't play this song tonight, but it's one of my favs (as well as Chad's), so I thought everyone else should enjoy it as well. :)

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