Friday, April 8, 2011

The ever growing belly!

Gracie is a strong baby and I'm feeling her kicks more and more every day :)  She's starting to kick higher in my belly so I can tell she's beginning to discover the head-down position, but I don't think she's ready to commit to it yet!  Lately the biggest pregnancy hurdle has been sleeping through the night.  Between my back, my hips, my raging hormones that heat me up to a million degrees farenheit no matter what the AC is set on (65 degrees!) and my bladder, I'm up at least 3 times before the sun--I know it's great practice for when Grace gets here, but boy I'd sure love the rest now!

25 weeks--Peanut is trying to figure out where my lap went :)

 26 weeks with my favorite "pocket shirt"

And an unfortunately blurry shot, but ya gotta get the profile in :)

I have a Drs Appt next week for another tummy check to make sure everything is going according to plan and so far we're doing great.  Appetite is good, comfot level is still fairly good (unless I have to bend over or try to sit up from a reclining position, HA!), so at 6 1/2 months preggo--we're still happy campers!

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  1. What a cute pregnant lady! You'll be a great mommy! :)