Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Get-A-Way

Chad and I had a WONDERFUL weekend away this past weekend.  We stayed at the BlueGreen Resort in Pigeon Forge and we just loved having time away from everyone/everything and sharing special quality time together :)  It was definitely needed.  While we were there we hit up some of the outlet stores and found some A-DORABLE clothes for Gracie!  I've never had so much fun in my life then when I'm shopping for my little girl--I was like a kid at the Hershey Factory in Hershey, PA--Heck, it was as fun as when I went back in college!  It's especially fun with Chad and we take turns picking out outfits and toys.  Just warms my heart--I want to buy her's totally dangerous.  Thank goodness for sweet deals and discounted prices or we wouldn've gone broke, especially at Osh Kosk B'gosh...just wait til you see the overalls we found.  Seriously, I'd wear them if they were in my size! (Ok...maybe not...or...maybe...)

I was kinda surprised how much fun I was having buying things for Grace because she's not even here yet, and it was just such a great reminder to me about how much my Heavenly Father loves to take care of me and provide for me--and He was doing that LONG before I was even here!  If I love Grace this much and I have yet to hold her in my arms, how much more does God love me?  Lord, make me worthy of Your love!

I'm so thankful for all of Gracie's activity and movement.  She's quite the kicker and roller and squirmer.  Makes me smile.  I'm working VERY hard to not wish my time away, but let me tell you--it's so hard!  I have 15 weeks and 5 days left (unless she decides to come early?) and I really want to enjoy all of it.  Unfortunately, patience has never been a strong point for me (thank you Lord for sending me the most patient man in the world to marry me!!!).

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  1. Now you know why I kept having more.. :) It's a beautiful and unique time, and we're so grateful you're blessed with that little gift from God! Love you so much, Renee xoxox