Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I don't think I've had any "weird" pregnancy cravings, but I have definitely had cravings!
#1 Waffles:  I think I could eat waffles for every meal of the day!  Good thing I don't, but let me tell ya...lately I've been thinking about it :)
#2 Junior Mints:  Perfect amount of satisfaction for my chocolate cravings--just the right amount of deliciousness.
#3 Macaroni and Cheese:  And no, there is no such as thing as "too much cheese."
#4 Sushi:  California Roll with Spicy Sauce. Oh my head...I might have to eat one right now...
#5 Baked Potatoes:  sooooo yummmmmyyyy!

In other news, felt Gracie's hiccups for the first time yesterday!  Took some convincing for me to finally believe it, but after being reassured enough...it was such a weird feeling!  She's also kicking like crazy, big big kicks :)  They don't hurt yet, but I get the feeling that they might soon.  She's definitely growing and getting stronger, I love  love LOVE all the movement.

On to weird pregnancy symptoms # 4,073.  I unfortunately had to get a root canal/crown done today (thanks Dr. Boling!).  It was a fairly long process and the whole time I was in that chair, my hands and fingers kept falling asleep and going numb!  Carpal Tunnel...that's got to be one of the most bizarre pregnancy side effects ever!  It had been so long since I had been to the dentist that I couldn't help be a little nervous, but Gracie kicked the whole time--kept me smiling...well, at least on the inside.  Smiling on the outside would've been hard with Ashley's fingers in my mouth!  I'm so thankful to have it all over with and now I can chew on both sides of my mouth--PTL.  But I never thought I would have my first root canal when I was 6 months pregnant--quite the experience.  Hope I never have to do it again!

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