Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Season of Life

I've definitely joined the ranks of people who are so over Winter and so ready for Spring to come!  It's a common thought process that with Spring comes new life, restoration of life, creation of life, and flourishing of life.  It's such a wonderful thought and being 22 weeks pregnant as Spring is approaching is making this time all that much sweeter for me.  Every kick, roll, twirl, and jab brings a smile to my face because it reassures me that the little life growing inside me is flourishing!  (Also, I want to enjoy them while they are still slight because I know I am quickyl approaching the day that those kicks and jabs will be followed by a loud, "Ow!!!" instead of my excited "Wow!") 

As I'm working my way through Week 23 of this pregnancy I've learned that at this point Gracie should begin a pretty big growth spurt, doubling her current weight within a month!  No wonder I've recently started eating like a horse and I'm as tired as a mule!  Thankfully, my comfort level is still very high most of the time :)

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